20th July 2023

ESEDA- GOGLA WE4F final briefing workshop

ESEDA with the help of GOGLA have established and worked with productive use of renewable energy (PURE) working group .Together, they have developed a national PURE market assessment and a roadmap. The purpose of the event was to provide a comprehensive briefing on the findings and accomplishments of the WE4F program.
The event included a presentation providing a comprehensive overview of the national PURE market assessment, along with a discussion on the integration of the PURE roadmap with the broader energy strategy.

26th July 2023

Invitation to attend First discussion to build capacity for Mini-grid project in partnership with Veritas

In collaboration with Veritas Consulting, ESEDA organized a capacity-building discussion focused on mini-grid projects. The meeting served as an information-sharing session, providing participants with valuable insights on capacity development for mini-grid projects. The session highlighted the opportunities and technical assistance available to support businesses in their preparations to undertake mini-grid projects in Ethiopia.

29th August 2023

Invitation to attend First discussion to build capacity for Mini-grid project in partnership with Veritas

This event marked the official launch of the national solar water pump multi-stakeholder platform. The program brought together actors from various sectors in Ethiopia to discuss the goals, structure, activities, and timeline of the solar water pump (SWP) initiative. The forum provided valuable opportunities for SWP users and suppliers to introduce themselves, network with each other, and establish connections with government officials and other development actors.
Additionally, a panel discussion took place during the event, featuring five key actors: the Minister of Agriculture (MoA), Agriculture Transformation Institute (ATI), SNV, Solar Development PLC, and Energy Market Accelerator (EMA). These panelists shared their insights on SWP in Ethiopia, lessons learned; major challenges encountered, and identified key focus areas for the platform to address moving forward.

29 September month

Invitation to kick-off meeting on custom Handbook update

The primary focus of the meeting was to discuss the purpose of the solar custom handbook, the necessity for its update, and the specific updates that need to be implemented. Additionally, there was dedicated time for participants to engage in discussions regarding the updates to the handbook, provide feedback, and offer recommendations for improvement.