About The Association

About ESEDA​

The Ethiopian Solar Energy Development Association (ESEDA) is an independent non-profit association dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of the Solar energy business in Ethiopia. ESEDA was established in 2009 with a mission to drive positive change and sustainability. The association brings together a diverse community of solar enthusiasts, professionals, policymakers, and advocates who share a common vision: to harness the power of the sun and create a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Through collaboration, innovation, and education, ESEDA empowers individuals and communities to embrace solar energy as a viable and impactful alternative to conventional power sources.

ESEDA’s Vision

is to be the driving force behind Ethiopia’s sustainable and inclusive solar energy future, empowering communities and transforming lives through renewable energy.

ESEDA’s Mission

 is commitment to advancing the development and adoption of solar energy solutions across Ethiopia. Our mission is to promote the integration of solar power into the national energy mix, foster industry growth, and create an enabling environment for a sustainable and resilient solar sector. Through collaboration, advocacy, and education, ESEDA will strive to accelerate Ethiopia’s transition towards a clean energy future.

Governance & Leadership

ESEDA thrives on a collaborative governance structure designed to leverage diverse expertise and achieve our ambitious goals for Ethiopia’s solar energy sector. The board of directors are elected annually by the general assembly, the Board of Directors provides strategic direction and ensures the association’s long-term success. Let’s meet the dedicated individuals who lead the way:

Board Of Directors

Hawi Tesfaye


Samson Tsegaye

Bord Member

Alem Gberu

Bord Member

Gizachew Fekadu

Board Member

Bart Minsaer

Vice Chairman

Advisory board

Tesfaye Hailu

Advisory board

Previous Board Member

Nabil Ishak


Bart Misaer

Board Member

Rekik Bekele

Bord Member

Eesda 5
Yonas Werkie

Board Member

Our Staff

Tewabech Workie

General Manager

Metsenanat Zerihun

Office Admin

Eesda 9
Yemissirach Sisay

Project Manager

Eesda 11
Marketing Officer