Business Areas of Focus

ESEDA has strategically identified the following business areas of focus to contribute significantly to the development of sustainable and accessible household energy solutions in Ethiopia. 

ESEDA’s focus areas

Role of ESEDA

1 Solar Home Systems for Household Lighting

Promote the use of Solar Home Systems for household lighting, emphasizing their affordability, quality and ease of use.

2 Productive Use of Solar Energy (PURE)

Promote the integration of solar technologies for income-generating activities in households. This could include supporting initiatives such as solar-powered agricultural and agro-processing equipment, water pumping systems, and small-scale enterprises. ESEDA will collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify and promote viable opportunities for productive use.

3 Assembly & Manufacturing

Support the growth of local assembly and manufacturing of solar components, such as solar panels, batteries, and other system components. This might include facilitating partnerships with international manufacturers, providing technical assistance through our network to local assembly units, and advocating for incentives that promote the growth of the solar manufacturing sector.

4 Mini-Grids and grid-connected

ESEDA advocates for supportive policies, engages investors and developers and facilitates collaboration to increase mini-grid deployment in off-grid areas

ESEDA will work with partners and government bodies to create an environment for the emergence and growth of local mini-grid development companies, ensuring long-term sustainability and local participation.

ESEDA advocates for fair tariffs and policies for mini-grids to sell surplus electricity back to the national grid, incentivizing larger and more efficient systems. This seamless integration contributes to a more reliable and sustainable national electricity system.

5 Commercial & Institutional

ESEDA promotes commercial and institutional solar solutions for both off-grid and grid-connected areas. This includes backup systems for improved reliability.